Mumtaz company believes in "Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray".
We undertake all kind of decoration and catering work in Chicago, ILlinois.
Our huge collection of any sort of invitations will definitely make our presence count.
Our custom designs are planned according to your requirement and given special effects to suit the event.

Our expertises are as follows:
Mayun (Manjhe) :
It’s a tradition to put Haldi (Turmeric) before the marriage.
We make arrangements for this traditional occasion with silver plates, Turaposh etc.

Sanchak (Mehndi)
Hands (of ladies in the family) are covered with a paste that leaves a design in yellow after it dries out.

Nikah (Marriage)
The Nikah is the religious wedding ceremony where the bride and bridegroom say the word “kubool” meaning “agree”. Each party reads the contract including the specification of a meher (Rs. 15 lakhs) in the presence of the Maulvi (the religious person performing the ceremony) and elders of the family who act as witnesses and shunt between the dulha and dulhan.

Walima (Reception)
Walima is the post Nikah party celebration where people are gathered for a grand reception. We undertake stage decoration and catering for the Walima party.

Stage decoration
1. Marriages, Bridal Showers
2. Birthdays, Baby showers
3. Seminars
4. Ameen (completion of the Holy Quran)
5. Graduation parties

Catering fine quality food
We have always attempted to recreate the flavors that make our presence so memorable. We especially offer you Pakistani and Indian cuisine. We include a unique blend of spices and serve food cooked in diverse styles.

Flower decoration
We use natural and artificial flowers for making you occasion a memorable event. We have skilled designers who give a divine look to your moments.

We use special antique and modern furniture.
Our ethnic designed furniture includes;
Silver and gold pillars
Love sofa
Side sofa
Maharaja sofa
Wooden trace
Silver flower pot
Changer daan
Fabulous back drops